Teachers Whisky Price in Assam 2024 (January)

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of Teachers Whisky Price in Assam. Teachers Whisky is one of the well-known Scotch whisky labels with many years of history and excellent standards. The high-quality ingredients utilized in the production of Teachers whisky contribute to its distinct flavor. A malty and rich base is created by malted barley. Complexity and depth are brought by the rye and corn. Whiskies made from grain and malt are expertly combined to make Teachers Whisky.

In this article, we will talk about Whisky prices for Teachers for Assam for the sizes of each volume (60ml 180ml, 375ml, 180ml, and 750ml)

Teachers Whisky Price in Assam

Teachers Whisky price in Assam60ml₹210
Teachers Whisky price in Assam180ml₹650
Teachers Whisky price in Assam375ml₹1300
Teachers Whisky price in Assam750ml₹2800
Teachers Whisky price in Assam1000ml₹3200

Teachers Highland Cream Price in Assam 2023

Teachers Highland Cream whisky price60ml₹190
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price180ml₹550
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price375ml₹1000
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price750ml₹2000
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price1000ml₹2500

About Whisky for Teachers

William Teacher created Teachers whisky first time around 1830. The idea was born from a desire to make the highest quality whiskies available, Teacher was determined to develop a brand that appealed to whisky enthusiasts from all over the world.Scottish whisky made by Teachers is manufactured in the company of Beam Suntory. a division of Japanese Suntory Holdings.In India, the United Kingdom and other areas of Europe the brand is widely known.since 2014.

The pleasant experience of trying Teachers Whisky exposes its great quality of craftsmanship and distinctive flavor profile. It awakens your senses from the very first sniff due to its appealing scent of malted barley, honey and toffee. The whisky slowly encases your mouth when you take the drink, unveiling layers of flavor. The rich, delicious fruit are highlighted on the palate, and are offset through delicate, floral notes. Smoky notes provide the complexity and depth of the flavor that is truly distinctive. Teachers Whisky’s rich, smooth texture enhances the pleasure and leaves a pleasant lasting, long-lasting finish.

Teachers Whisky has been awarded a large amount of honors that point its quality and craft. It is consistently recognized as a top-quality whisky due to accolades from prestigious occasions like those from the International Spirits Challenge, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and World Whiskies Awards.

Teachers Whisky is available at well-stocked liquor stores as well as online retailers. It is easy to find the perfect bottle to drink at home or give to your friends for occasions thanks of its wide-spread popularity. The price for Teachers Whisky varies based on where you reside, and the volume of your bottle, as well as any additional tax or import fees. It is often considered to be a whisky that is a great value in terms of quality at a reasonable price.

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Teacher Whisky Variants

1. Teachers Highland Cream: This is the most famous Teachers Whisky version. The silky smoothness of grain whiskies as well as the rich taste of malt whiskies are incorporated in this blend of Scotch whisky. With its well-balanced flavors and creamy texture, Teachers Highland Cream is a flexible and accessible option.

2Teachers 50: A limited edition whisky called Teachers 50 celebrates the brand’s 50 years of collaboration in partnership with the Professional Golfers Association (PGA). It’s a blend of specially selected whiskies that have been aged for 12 years or more giving an elegant and sophisticated flavor profile.

3Teachers Origin: The brand’s tradition and heritage are celebrated by Teachers Origin. The single malt whisky of Ardmore which is renowned for its peaty and smokey taste has an influence on the flavor. With subtle undertones of earthy smoke and some sweetness, this version has a more rich and more robust flavor.

4. Teachers 25: An exclusive expression dubbed Teachers 25 was created to mark the brand’s 175th anniversary. Malt and grain whiskies which have been aged for a minimum of 25 years are combined to create this exclusive blend of whisky. It is a long-lasting satisfying finish, with layers of complexity, and an intense, indulgent flavor profile.


Q: What’s the cost for Teachers Highland Cream whiskey in Assam?

Answer: The cost is Teachers Highland Cream whisky 750ml in Assam is 2000 Rupees.

Q: What’s the cost for Teachers 50 whiskeys from Assam?

Answer: The price for Teachers whisky in Assam 250ml will be 2800 Rupees.

Q: Whiskey or Scotch for Teachers?

Answer: Scotch, Teachers Whisky is a well-recognized Scotch whisky label with many years of history and excellent standards. The high-quality ingredients utilized in the making of Teachers whisky contribute to its distinctive flavor.

Q: What’s the price for Teachers 50 Scotch Whisky? Guwahati?

Answer: The price for Teachers 50 Scotch Whisky in 750ml Bottles in Guwahati is 2800 Rupees.

Q: What is the name of the teacher’s whisky?

Answer: There are three varieties of Teachers Scotch Whisky are being sold in the Indian market. The Teachers Highland Cream Scotch Whisky Teacher 50 Scotch Whisky and Teachers Origin Scotch Whisky.

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