Rockford Whisky Price in UP (January-2024)

Welcome the In this post, we will provide you with details about Rockford Whisky Price in UP. Rockford whisky: smooth and distinct Blend for Whisky Fans

This premium blend of Scotch whisky has earned the reputation of having a creamy taste, distinctive taste, and timeless design.

We will now discuss Rockford whisky prices for UP in every volume size (90ml, 180ml, 375ml, 180ml and 750ml)

Rockford Whisky Price in UP

Rockford Whisky price in UP90ml₹110
Rockford Whisky price in UP180ml₹220
Rockford Whisky price in UP375ml₹450
Rockford Whisky price in UP750ml₹850
Rockford Whisky price in UP1000ml₹1150

Rockford Reserve Whisky Price in UP 2024

Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky90ml₹130
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky180ml₹260
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky375ml₹520
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky in UP750ml₹950
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky in UP1000ml₹1250

About Rockford Whisky

One of the finest whiskies that set Rockford Whisky above other whiskey brands available in India. The two members of the joint venture Rockford Whisky include an Indian company under the name Umesh Modi Group and an Italian company under the name IIva Saranno. Modi Illva India Private Limited The group’s name is that given to the joint venture.

Rockford whisky is known for its smooth and well-rounded taste that is made by blending malt sweetness and grain richness. The brand’s focus on the inherent qualities of whiskies that it combines contributes to a subtle and nuanced flavour. This is why Rockford whisky can be enjoyed in a glass or paired with chilled ice.

The bottle’s design is simple and elegant shape, with black labels and gold letters that convey an impression of refinement and sophistication. The name Rockford itself Rockford gives a sense of authenticity and ruggedness that reflects the whisky’s Scottish heritage and its quality.

It has yet to be determined exactly what the recipe will be—kept secret. However, it is considered that it is made up of grain whiskies and malt whiskies that are aged for a minimum of twelve years. A master blender who makes sure that the final product meets is in line with the requirements of the brand for consistency and quality carefully chooses to blend the whiskies. Upon mixing the whisky, it is then bottled at a rate of 40 per cent (alcohol per volume) and then sold on several international markets. Although not as widely accessible as other brands, the Rockford whisky enjoys a loyal fan among those who appreciate its uniqueness and attractiveness.

There are a handful of liquor shops and online sellers that sell Rockford whisky throughout the world, including in Canada, the UK, the US, Canada and Australia. To buy a bottle of Rockford whisky, you should look on the internet or go to specific whisky shops based on the location you reside in.

Based on how the marketplace is performing, the size of the bottle and the number of bottles, Rockford Whisky’s price may change. However, it is usually considered to be a premium brand, offering an excellent value for its price.


This article will provide you with more details on the price of the Rockford whisky Price in UP. It is crucial to realize that the price of alcoholic drinks is determined by a variety of factors the state tax, demand from customers as well and production costs.

So, to know the price to purchase Rockford Whisky, which is available in the Up region, we recommend visiting your local liquor store.


Q: What is Rockford Scotch?

Answer: It’s not; Rockford is a brand of Indian whisky. This top-quality blend of Scotch whisky has built the reputation of having a soft taste, distinct flavor, and timeless design.

Q: How much is the cost of Rockford in Up?

Answer: The cost for Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky (750ml) Bottle in UP is 950 Rupees. The price for the Rockford Whisky (750ml) in UP is priced at 850 Rupees.

Q: What percentage of alcohol is contained in Rockford whisky?

Answer: Rockford is a brand of Indian whisky. Its alcohol percentage can be as high as 40%(alcohol in volume).

Q: Is Rockford an excellent whisky?

Rockford is indeed a brand of Indian whisky. This top-quality Blended Scotch whisky has earned the reputation of having a silky smoothness, distinctive flavor, and timeless look.

Q: What’s the cost in the case of Rockford 180ml of whisky UP?

Answer: It is estimated that the Rockford whisky costs UP 180ml amounts to 220 Rupees.

Q: What kinds of Rockford whisky exist?

Answer: Today, 3 variations from Rockford whisky brands are available within the Indian market. Rockford Classic Whisky, Rockford Classic Super Premium Whisky, and Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky.

Q: What’s the price for Rockford whisky from Lucknow?

Answer: The price of Rockford whisky in 750ml Lucknow is around 850 Rupees.

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